We’re Saving A Seat

For You!


What should you expect?

Casual Environment

At Centerpoint, we’ve traded stiff pews and stark white walls for a more contemporary and relaxed take on church. We encourage you to wear whatever you’ll feel most comfortable in. Some people dress casual and some people dress up. Either way, we invite you to enjoy a good cup of coffee and tasty snacks as you hear a message of hope from the Gospel.

Musical Worship

Our band leads us in music every week. The songs we sing are meant to be sung together. We believe music is a core element of our church gathering. We work hard to make sure that what we are singing matches what we believe and that every song's message will point you to the truths of the Gospel and Scripture. 


biblical Preaching

Simply put, our desire at Centerpoint is to share what the Bible says in a way that is faithful to its original message. Every week you will hear a message straight from the Bible, no frills or strings attached. At Centerpoint we believe that the Bible is true and useful to navigate life.

kid friendly

At Centerpoint, we love kids! We believe that kids are a blessing and we encourage your children to join you in service. We also have a nursery and playroom available for children with background checked volunteers ready to serve you.


Sundays @ 10:00AM